Heretics Interviews

The aim of our Heretics Interviews series is to create a thematically dedicated visual environment for each artist that we interview, so that their ideas will come through in a context created specifically for them.

For our interview with poet and stained glass artist Alison Grace Koehler, photographer Chris Plytas staged her in front of one of her windows, bathed only in the light that had come through it.

For our interview with sound and performance artist Lesteria, we filmed her as several of her characters, overlapping each other's answers in relationship to the style of her work, which often depicts her as multiple versions of herself acting and speaking simultaneously.

For our interview with poet Fork Burke, we filmed the exchange, then chopped up her answers into snippets and rearranged them, in a nod to her employment of the 'cut-up' technique in her own poetry.

Watch the series on our YouTube channel here.