Meet Our Artists

We are proud to work selectively with some of the most vital, unique, and innovative artists in Paris. If you'd like to learn more about them, you can find their social media links below. We can also help put you in touch with them, if you'd like to book them for performances and appearances.

Alison Grace Koehler

Alison is a poet and stained glass artist, who fuses these disciplines in live stage performances and video works. She is the author of Stained Glass Poetry (Paris Heretics 2022). Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter .

Carrie Chappell

Carrie is a poet and translator, and editor of the series Verse of April. She is the author of Quarantine Daybook (Bottlecap Press 2021), and Loving Tallulah Bankhead (Paris Heretics, 2022). Follow her on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter .

Fork Burke

Fork is an experimental poet, performer, and recording artist who works in a variety of methods, including checklist and cut-up. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


Lesteria is a sound and text artist, who blends multiple layers of her own voice with field recordings and instrumentation. Follow her on Bandcamp, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram

Richard Dailey

Rich is a poet, artist, filmmaker, and novelist. He is most recently the author of To Hell With Reality and Back (Afterart 2020) and Haïkus Lotois (Afterart 2022). Follow him on Instagram