Fork Burke is a poet and performer whose continual experiments with form and method defy easy categorization yet consistently produce the effect of transporting readers and listeners into undefined spaces, in which the rules of time, scale, and words themselves, are destabilized.

For this project we wanted to find a balance between depicting Fork herself, in her practical physical world, and the more ethereal plane onto which her words deliver us. We worked with Fork's daughter, Alithea Engel, and her partner, Aldo Betschart, who provided us with on-location footage of Fork at her desk in Switzerland, where she transcribes her relationship to reality, and also in the surrounding nature where she often takes her leisure and inspiration.

Then, fellow Heretics artist Lesteria contributed an original score, and composited a selection of video imagery, in her own interpretation of Fork's words. The compilation of the two aims to illustrate and reinforce the challenge to linearity, and the defiance of preconception, that the poetry incites.

You can watch the video for And on our YouTube channel here.